Uncover your deep, hidden desires, fears and talents to create more of the success, happiness and love you are seeking.

Would you like to discover what your biggest strengths really are, and how you can use them to create the new adventure
you’ve been yearning for?

Would you like insight into why your life has taken unexpected turns, and how you can change your circumstances into a
creation of your choosing?

Have you had a feeling that there is a bigger destiny awaiting you, or that things aren’t quite what they seem?

There are answers waiting for you from the realm of spirit, and they can help guide you to a bright and prosperous future.

Start discovering your new life pathway today.

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The messages revealed in a psychic intuitive reading can uncover your deep, hidden desires, fears, talents and destiny, to help you manifest more of the success, happiness, love and belonging that you are searching for. Discover the energetic patterns in your life that may be holding you back, and find that quiet voice that will guide you toward unlocking more of what
you desire, finding the right companionship, and becoming the conscious master of your own circum-
stances. Tap into gifts you might not know you had, and learn how some of the things you might have
been self conscious about may actually turn out to be among your biggest gifts. Through psychic intuition you can discover how things may not be what they seem, and how unexpected events in your life may hold the key to a destiny greater than anything you ever would have considered before.

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Matt Derickson is a psychic in Boulder, Colorado who uses intuitive counseling and psychic clairvoyant abilities to help people clarify their desires and a path forward in their lives. Psychic readings are conducted over the phone. For those in Boulder county, in-person intuitive counseling sessions can be arranged at a central Downtown Boulder location.